REO Appraisals

The complexity of the values associated with REO appraisals requires significant skill and market knowledge by the appraiser. Additionally, REO appraisals may present some rather unique access challenges. Most of the time REO properties have been abandoned by the owners and are now vacant. Since they are often un-occupied, some of these properties have been vandalized and may be hazardous to enter. Some are no longer locked and secured. A few, particularly in the winter, have picked up some “un-authorized occupants”, both human and otherwise. In any case, the REO appraiser must be ready for almost anything when making his site visit.

We have the experience necessary to provide professional REO appraisals that stand up in court. We are regularly called upon to act as experts in many real estate valuation issues. Our appraisals are completely independent, impartial and objective. Our professionalism is unmatched. Here at Weaver Appraisals, we have the experience and knowledge to properly handle the special dynamics associated with REO appraisals. Feel free to browse our website to learn more about our unique qualifications in REO appraisals.