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Transfer of ownership typically involves a mortgage, and an appraisal usually is required before a home loan is approved. Lending institutions may require an appraisal of property that will be used as security for a mortgage, and this opinion of value plays a key role in mortgage application approval and the amount of down payment required. A recent bulletin from the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) recommends new guidelines for national banks and federal savings institutions regarding their


In our over twenty-five years of appraisal experience, we have noticed that we are often involved in the happiest and, unfortunately sometimes, the saddest events of many peoples’ lives. We are with you when you buy your first home. We are there when you move up to the home large enough for your growing family, and finally, we are there when you buy that retirement home in the country or on the beach. Sometimes though, life throws an un-expected curve


Should you trust an appraisal that was ordered by your spouse? That depends. Do you trust your spouse to order a fair and impartial appraisal? Do you know the appraiser? Can you verify, through knowledgeable appraisal users, the appraiser’s reputation for honesty and integrity? If not, it may be in your best interest to have Brubaker and Associates send out one of our knowledgeable real estate appraisers. Ask around. You’ll hear about our reputation for honesty, objectivity and integrity. We

REO Appraisals

The complexity of the values associated with REO appraisals requires significant skill and market knowledge by the appraiser. Additionally, REO appraisals may present some rather unique access challenges. Most of the time REO properties have been abandoned by the owners and are now vacant. Since they are often un-occupied, some of these properties have been vandalized and may be hazardous to enter. Some are no longer locked and secured. A few, particularly in the winter, have picked up some “un-authorized


Our commercial division focuses primarily on the appraisal of commercial real estate for both national and locally based institutional lenders as well as private individuals, estate planning professionals, attorneys, and real estate development companies. Commercial real estate is a very broad field and generally includes not just retail, office, and industrial property types but also multi-family apartment complexes, subdivision developments, large acreage tracts of land, parking lots, hotels, etc. Our commercial division strives to provide a quicker turnaround time at


Our residential services include real estate appraisals, brokerage and consulting for financial institutions, private individuals, estate planning professionals and regional court systems. Information gathered from thousands of appraisals we have conducted across our service region is called upon to make quick and accurate assessments of value.  The residential services team is made up of eight state-certified residential appraisers, three appraisers-in-training, and an additional administrative support staff of three. Year in and year out, our residential division produces over one  thousand


Weaver Appraisals strives to deliver a high level of service to our clients, we are always looking for ways to improve and enhance processes, procedures and technology.   By combining “state of the art” technology, high quality appraisers, and customized analysis tools, we are able to deliver more accurate, comprehensive reports in less time and for lower fees.


Weaver Appraisals was born as a company grounded in a culture of trust and respect, this remains the standard by which we do business. We operate with integrity and accountability. We are committed to providing quality real estate services in a responsible way and improving the communities where we live and work. We are passionate about our goal to be the leader in accuracy and reliability, operating responsibly throughout our service area, and financial markets we serve.